About Us

Tea is a very popular hot beverage in India. It’s an indispensable part of hospitality in any Indian household. Tea is consumed widely in formal and informal social gatherings, as well as, in an average day to day routine in offices and homes. When it comes to beverages and specifically tea, KESAR TEA is a common household name for it’s refreshing taste and essence of purity. Committed to provide the best quality tea to its consumers, KESAR TEA makes use of the finest tea leaves available. State of the art technology handles manufacturing of kesar tea throughout, thereby creating a unique blend which retains cent percent natural fragrances and goodness of the tea leaves when it eventually reaches the most vital part of the chain – the consumers.

At KESAR TEA, we aim to provide world class quality tea to our valued consumers without fail. We are committed to gratifying our customers and building long lasting relationships. Our zeal to excel competition and impress clients drives us into working very hard and outperforming yardsticks of good quality to maintain our high standards. The enthusiasm and will power infused by Shri Iqbal Singh on top it all, has been taking KESAR TEA to places. As we are committed to provide the best of quality, we constantly improvise and endeavor to remain among the forerunners in terms of innovation and hence, serving you a cup of tea each sip of which promises invigorating taste and energy.